I've thought about writing this article for quite some time...

...and well I have procrastinated way too long. I want to introduce you to a friend of mine, her name is Katie W.

Katie Wiggett
Katie W

Katie and I worked together at a radio station in Minot. I knew right away on her first day, that whatever this young lady set her mind to, she was going to absolutely do well at. You can just tell with certain people, you know? The charming inviting smile and comfortable personality set her aside from everyone else. Now I clearly have the face for radio, but Katie does not. She has the talent to do so many things well, taking care of all the station's social media tasks, she did so with no effort at all. After a short while, it was apparent that she was going to spread her wings and really fly - and TikTok was where she was going to land.

It will be 3 years this October that Katie has been with TikTok

I lost track of Katie for a little bit when she moved to Nashville, Tennessee, but the SECOND I found out she landed a job with TikTok I smiled to myself and said "That is the perfect place for her" - I talked to Katie a little bit this morning, some simple questions I wanted to run by her because the whole thing fascinates me - I mean TikTok is HUGE. Her job title is QA Analyst - Quality Assurance Analyst. I can't begin to imagine the sea of videos that she and the rest of her team have to go through - to weed out the many that don't meet TikTok's community guidelines and standards. It's an extremely important job that demands someone like her, who has dignity and class.

Hey look, it's not all serious you know...

...heck no. Her favorite part of the job is her work environment - they are serious when needed, yet completely relaxed and ready to have fun. Judging by the TikTok videos I see, there is a WIDE range of entertainment that is making people all over the world happy - and fortunately for all of us, Katie has a hand in that.

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