I am not a big Doritos fan….if I’m going to eat potato chips, I go for regular Lays.  And once in awhile I go for Pringles--the Pizza Flavor are yummy.  However, there’s a new flavor that looks like a fun way to eat chips!  PepsiCo Canada has introduced “Doritos Roulette.”  Sounds bizarre, huh?  It’s a new flavor edition where most of the chips in the bag are nacho-cheese flavored….but, thrown into the mix are super hot Doritos.  All of the chips look the same, so you can’t tell the difference, but your tastebuds sure will! 


Although the chips are not (yet?!?) in the United States, Canadians are having fun with the chips and posting videos of themselves eating them and making faces as they bite into a spicy one.  The spicy ones aren’t just warm….they’re fiery hot!  Many testers said their eyes watered upon biting into the spicy chip.

One person says: “Aside from the spice, the chips look and taste just like a regular Nacho Cheese Dorito.   So you really have no idea what you’re going to get until you pop it in your mouth.”  Another person said, “…it did not taste like any spicy nacho I’ve ever had before.  It’s actually spicy…it tastes like I’m doing shots of hot sauce.” 

I think they would be a big hit in the United States, but the article said the PepsiCo Canada spokesperson did not disclose whether or not they will come south of the border.  My brother does live up in Canada….I think I’ll ask him to bring me a bag of these next time he visits me!

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