This is one of the coolest, smartest things I have seen in quite awhile

The dedication that these people have proved is huge. It only takes but a second to make a wrong choice that could ruin your life and many others. So many people take that chance to "just drive less than a mile away to get home" after drinking at their favorite bar. Because it's just so easy, you know, rather than call someone or have to pay for a ride. That's when mistakes are easily made, and many of those you will never be able to take back after an innocent person has lost their life. There are some wonderful people that are doing something about it, they started the Buzi Bus, and it's saving lives.

Thinking about going out and having fun? Why not be prepared

If you are living in Fargo, and you have made some plans on "hitting the town", do yourself a favor and head to this address - Buzi Bus's website. The cost is a mere $5.00 which is a cost that could save your life and others as well. Listen to some of these amazing statistics, in the year and a half that Buzi Bus has been mobile,  according to Briton Thompson and Xavier Bonner started Buzi Bus a year and a half ago and they have given almost 16,000 rides since then. “People are starting to know what Buzi Bus is and what we do. People are starting to trust us more. They know that instead of going to Uber or Lyft, they have a safe, reliable ride in Buzi Bus,” Thompson said.

Here is something even more encouraging

Just last New Year's Eve in Fargo, there were NO DUI arrests made. Amazing. I really believe that Buzi Bus had so much to do with that. More cities ( no matter what the population ) need to emulate this great service. Thank you Buzi Bus for what you do.


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