Do you ever wonder how people can so carelessly live like pigs? I do, every time I see free-roaming trash on the road, in a parking lot, in a yard, wherever. It's gross and disrespectful to blatantly not clean up after yourself. So, why do we have such an issue with people respecting the earth and others?

This past weekend, Aidan and I went camping with my parents at Fort Stevenson State Park in Garrison. The campground had a nice seating area around the campfire pit, and room for two little Yorkies to run around and play. However, when the campground was being set up, my dad found empty beer cans in the fire pit and other trash leftover from previous campers. To say the least, my dad was disappointed to have to clean up other people's litter before enjoying the campground. My whole family lives by the saying, "Leave it cleaner than when you got there," and we would never leave so much as a pop top laying around.

But honestly, I didn't think too much about the litter at the campground, until I saw a Facebook post about litter at the Desert in Bismarck. Russty M. tried to visit the recreational area with his children, and instead of enjoying a day of family fishing, they cleaned up trash. He and his kids not only picked up after others in two campsites, but they also had to put out a campfire. Check out the pic of what Russty and his family found below (his post says that they saw even more trash than what they collected, too):

Again, I wonder, "HOW do people just disrespect the earth and their fellow humans like this?" If we would all pick up our trash (from camping or otherwise), we could keep our world a little cleaner for everyone. Do your part, the LEAST you could ever do for others is clean up after yourself.


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