If you bet on "The Dicken's Village Festival" in Garrison, well, then I'll take a Dicken's cider on your behalf...

If you're a regular reader- I confess to going really low two stories in a row.

It's a real thing Really Hard..etc..only adults click on that.  Work your memes from there.

ok, i'm done and apologize.

Sadly, one of the most original and seasonally fulfilling events in the state has fallen victim to the mandates of the coronavirus.  Don't get me wrong at all, we all should be avoiding any congregation events.  But, you would think we could be six feet apart on the frozen prairie in a DOUBLE DECKER ELIZABUS!  An actual British double decker bus brought in to not heat you at all. I only assume that...as I have never been.  I bet it's cold.

My only opportunity was going to be this year. What a tragic coincidence.

Because, it's cancelled.

Garrison, has been knocking events out of the park for quite a few years.  I feel bad that this is putting a dent in their helmet. But, they'll come back stronger than ever.  You might want to read my article about how campsite use was skyrocketing in North Dakota in 2020 cuz of the COVID.

Heck with that COVID guy.

Here's the entire story of the sad demise of the Dickens Village Festival in one simple click.

You can see where the community came out year after year to present an amazing experience for the entire state to take in and take pride in.

We'll be there in droves in 2021.


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