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Government to "help" schools with COVID tracing.

Am I reading this wrong?  Take a peek at what the seven county First District Health Unit released as reported by KXNET.  See the KX write up by clicking here.

State to help schools?

I'm certain school personnel are literally being paralyzed by the amount of tasks confronting them daily. Health unit operations, like First District Health, must be literally paralyzed by the amount of testing set up tasks that are confronting them daily.

Very overwhelming.  And, I applaud the day-to-day activities of school administrators, instructors, personnel, and students, who are literally taking "one small step". I'll stop using the word "literally", but instead use "seriously".

But seriously do you think any over-worked entity has the time or resources for COVID tracing?  From First District's website, you can figure that a contact interview from a "caseworker" is gonna take an hour. Seriously? Check it out here.

The serious solution is to turn to our state government.  Then, We the People of North Dakota will foot the bill for the necessary tracing and the benefits it provides. Than we'll have the resources ready to implement a combined positive response.

When the state government kicked the COVID-CAN down the road, they left it to our local school districts to set up local models for reopening.

I would think it's seriously OK to use those ND rainy-day funds to monitor the results.

stay well.

Thanks daily to schools for your amazing efforts.

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