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Thursday, it's The Great American Smokeout!

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Guys, if you keep reading...I'll toss in another butt pic.  Ladies, sorry I couldn't find any decent guy butt pics.  Tried taking a butt selfie...nobody was impressed. So let's talk about how hot and angry people got when they banned smoking in bars.

Yup, ya did.  Would never go to a restaurant or bar that didn't let you smoke.  Sound familiar? That's just me baiting anti-maskers. Sorry. See ya in the comments!

The two issues are completely different as smoke affects EVERYONE in the room.

Bismarck 2011, voters ban smoking in bars. ND 2012, voters statewide kick butts outside. I'll tell you what- it was a big deal.  Can you imagine somebody lighting up next to you in a bar?  In a restaurant? Less than 15 years ago, I bet you could have done them both.

I did some part-time blackjack dealing and worked in a "blue" bar. Meaning at 3 in the afternoon, you couldn't see across the place to recognize anyone in the room.  People went nuts when they couldn't smoke, but you could see them go nuts from across the room.

So, North Dakota leads the nation in lung cancer treatment.  I'm not making it up! Prairie Public told me the American Cancer Society said it was true.  Click that then come back.

Part of that article addresses that simply jacking the tobacco tax in North Dakota would decrease the use.  True for a lot of people.  But I'd still grab a pack of $10 smokes because truth be told-  I'm still a smoker.  My dad will eventually die from COPD. Tobacco is addicting.

May all us smokers find that blissful day of revelation! Maybe it could be this Thursday.  Here's a ton of resources you can find to help get started.

I know I promised another butt pic. Her ya go..

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sorry guys...but, you knew it was coming.


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