The sights of people out and about here in Bismarck, a beautiful thing. Not only are we starting to retrieve our old ways of life (pre-pandemic), but Mother Nature is cooperating, and we just experienced a time-change - stays light longer. Bismarck Parks And Recs just announced three golf courses OPEN starting tomorrow. There is a brand new venture underway that will bring us the exciting sounds of the crack of a bat, baseballs, softballs pummeled into the nets at an indoor facility. Right down the street from our radio station in Mandan's Memorial Square Mall, #SwingAway is destined to open this May.

According to KFYRTV  Partners Mike Loerch and Jeff Bowers plan to have fastpitch softball and baseball tracks that allow users to see how hard and fast they can hit a ball, as well as an outdoor patio.  Imagine a nice warm long summer day, coming at with all your buddies to test your skills - maybe you'll be a tad rusty at the plate, but who cares. There is always room for improvement, and this new place will be perfect for just that - #SwingAway partner Mike Loerch describes it perfectly “You want to hit it harder than the last time, or you want to hit it farther than the last time, you want to hit it harder or faster than your two buddies sitting there having a beer watching you,” 

After you have knocked your fill of imaginary home runs and you're about ready to call it a day, relax outside on their patio and let the bragging begin with a cold beer. This is yet another textbook example of a positive, fun business coming soon in Mandan. 





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