Here’s a new duh study: Girls think male musicians are hot. Research  found that women are 31 percent more likely to give a man their digits when he’s carrying an instrument.  Perhaps I played the wrong instrument when I was in 1st grade--thus my bad luck with women---I played the accordian.    Ah yes---choices made by parents for their kids, eh?


Researchers hired a male actor to walk up to 300 women in a shopping center, tell them they were “really pretty” and ask for their number. For the first 100 women, the actor held a gym bag. For the next 100, he held a guitar case, and for the final 100, he carried nothing.

The results of the study:

31% of women gave the actor their number when he carried the guitar case.

14% gave their number when he carried nothing.

He had the least amount of luck with the gym bag − which had a success rate of only 9%.

Researchers attribute the results to the fact that playing an instrument is a sign that the man is intelligent, can learn (or is willing to learn) new skills and has independent hobbies. Yeah, that and the fact that girls like guys with guitars … (Daily Mail)

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