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I'm very interested in Jamestown's Flea Markets. But it's an hour and a half drive to go to a mid size NoDak city's rummage sale? Yes, if we don't have one in my neighborhood (Bismarck/Mandan) some time soon I'll probably go.

I've got a little vested interest this year as my dad has passed and my sister's father-in-law has recently passed. So my dad has a house full of accumulated goods that would make for an AWESOME flea market booth. It would be an OK auction, but a kickin' sell it all flea market booth.

Magic City Flea Market


Yipes, I'd love to sell ya some of my dad's stuff this summer.

Before people jump in with vendor booth ideas,lemme just add that Arts In The Park in Mandan (although a beautiful thing), it ain't a flea market.

I want the people who's kids have moved out of the house.  They want to let go of that big box of comics(my dream as a flea market kid), their kids toys, old books, George Foreman grills, antiques, and everything people think other people would like to buy.

Somewhere around 2005. I participated in Mandan's City Wide Rummage Sale.  Full disclosure, I was just dumping off a bunch of my house stuff and kid stuff.  Ended up leaving a bunch there as a donation to the second hand store collecting after the event.

But that's not the same.  I'm looking for a Flea Market like the old Magic City Flea Market.  A chance for me to give you $25 for that one thing nobody should buy...but you thought someone might.

You were right.

How do we put a flea market together?

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