The amazing chilly and freezing sport called Ice fishing

I will be the first to admit that to me this is the craziest spectacle ever. "What the heck are you doing out in the middle of the ice sitting in a small little house during the dead of winter?" was my thought process. Yes, I understand it is a tradition, and definitely pretty common here in North Dakota, and I am not one to sway someone's passion away from them. However, I came across a video that's gone through the roof viral and I'm hoping it's NOT the beginning of a brand new sport.

Lake Of The Woods, Minnesota

The 2022 Ice House Olympics maybe? No. this is an amazing video of a fishing guide just doing his job. According to "Over the weekend Eric Best, a fishing guide on Lake of the Woods shared a jaw-dropping video that has since gone viral. It shows him and a coworker driving through a flooded ice road, towing an ice house" Apparently an "extended deadline for ice houses" is the root of near-disasters for guides like Eric.

Well let's see, would you recommend others with less experience tackling what you do?

His response made perfect sense "Ice is never 100% safe, so I would by no means advise someone to go out on their own driving through a flooded ice road..." reported. He also made it clear that he and other guides travel those roads all the time. Watch this video for yourself and tell me if this would have freaked you out:

Fox 9 Minneapolis-St.Paul YouTube

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