You never know what you'll come across anywhere, anytime

My mom always told me that, she always feared being in the "Wrong place, at the wrong time". She always worried that she would herself in danger if some nut happened to let loose at a place you would least expect it. What happened last Friday in Minnesota was not a violent situation, but it was an extremely uncomfortable one.

We are into the time of the season where families go out to enjoy Christmas entertainment

Last Friday night, in Minnesota, at the Guthrie Theater, it was opening night for an excited audience to see a performance of the classic "A Christmas Carol". Looking at the video, people in the audience were wearing masks, and getting ready to be entertained. For some reason not known yet, a woman in the crowd felt compelled to deliver her own bizarre performance.

A 30-minute strange scene unfolded

You never know when someone will start acting irrational, and unfortunately for the festive crowd that's exactly what happened when a woman stood up from her seat and started ranting loudly. According to "...  a statement from Managing Director James Haskins, on behalf of the Guthrie, the patron was asked by staff to leave to the auditorium. After about 30 minutes, she was peacefully removed by police..."

Members of the Theater staff handled it perfectly

The disturbed woman was not physically manhandled, she was approached with caution, and talked to while she continued. also added that the staff believed the incident was unplanned, and obviously NOT part of the show. Let's hope if the woman was truly suffering from some mental issues, that she receives some medical attention. Once again, to reiterate what my mom always said, you never know what you'll come across. In this case, everyone handled it in a calm professional manner.

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