Ok, when was the last time you engaged in a good old-fashioned arm wrestling match?

I'll bet most of us can't even remember when. All I know is that my arm would probably snap off within the first 20 seconds. There is an art form to it ya know, it's not just bulk and muscle, the men and women that excel in this sport have the best technique without a doubt. Of course, strength does help, just a little.

In the small town of Stacy, Minnesota ( population of 1,987 ) tucked away in a farm, sits a gentle giant

A 58-year-old arm wrestling machine, Jeff Dabe holds court at his farm in Stacy, Minnesota. Talking about the sport he loves so much, a painful activity if you are not armed with the knowledge of just how it's done. "One of the most common injuries is a fracture of the humerus, or upper arm...." according to abc.net. When Jeff was in high school, his nickname was "Popeye", and when you see a picture of Dabe, you'll see why the name fits. Check out these stats - Fox9.com reports that "...his forearm already measures 20 inches in circumference..." His ring size is a whopping 5-inches around.

This huge man has won both State and National arm wrestling titles

Check this out, an injury years ago to his right elbow halted his career for a bit, until he started clobbering people with his left arm. "Last fall he became a world champion after winning at the International Federation of Arm Wrestling's Grandmaster Tournament in Florida" Fox9.com reported.

Check out this machine


I think I'm going to go home and rest my arms now.

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