Construction on I-94 in Bismarck has begun and as previously stated, driving on it now is terrible.

I decided to have as much fun with the traffic as I could and see how long it takes to drive on I-94 now with the construction during a time when many people are traveling.

At around 5:30pm on Tuesday evening I entered I-94 at exit 159 in Bismarck and drove to exit 156 to Mandan. I know the best way to do this would be to also time how long it took before the construction but unfortunately my dash cam only records so much footage before removing it and I did not have any of my drives on I-94 'pre-construction' anymore.

We can do a rough estimate though. According to Google Maps, the distance I traveled from the time I started the timer to the time I ended it was 3.5 miles. Assuming during those 3.5 miles you went a consistent 65mph (the speed limit) the entire time, it would take roughly 3:15 of travel time.

So in the video below, you can see how long it took me to go just two exits (as of course there is no exit 158) and 3.5 miles. And don't worry, we sped it up so you don't have to feel like you are actually sitting in traffic.

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