North Dakotans love their beer. But what do they think of the tax paid for it? 

This isn't a popular statistic, nor is it something many people, if any, ever think about when purchasing beer. However, every state in the U.S. imposes a tax on beer above the typical sales tax. According to our fun-loving friends at Thrillist, the tax placed on beer in North Dakota is the 17th highest in the nation at $0.39.

That being said, that statistic is based on beer in a 12-ounce bottle at 4.7% ABV. North Dakota is also one of 15 states that different rates may apply to different alcohol contents, place of production, or size of container.

 The $0.39 tax is really nothing in comparison with the highest tax for beer in the U.S., which is imposed by the state of Tennessee at $1.29. Wyoming has the least amount of state tax placed on beer at $.02.

With no correlation to the tax, Thrillist also took upon themselves to figure out what a case of beer cost in each state. North Dakota pays the 4th most in the U.S. for the average case of beer at $21.38 per case. Pennsylvania pays the most at $21.98 and Michigan pays the least at $14.62.

What do these statistics mean to all of us beer lovers in North Dakota? Honestly, not a whole lot. According to 24/7 Wall St., North Dakota drinks the 4th most amount of beer in the country per capita.

All statistics aside, please be safe and drink responsibly.

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