Maybe more of a bandage than a "replacement", but oil's gotta move right?

Doesn't seem to be the optimal time to start promoting pipelines- but, maybe a little less ambitious version in a little less controversial area, might be just the thing to give the patch a little bit of a leg up. Especially in what appears to be a pretty uncertain future for the Dakota Access Pipeline. (DAPL to folks around here).

The Associate Press reports that

Bridger Pipeline wants to convert 27 miles of an oil gathering pipeline into a transmission line and extend it by more than 2 miles. The state Public Service Commission has scheduled hearing on the proposal March 22.

If DAPL goes down, or is in someway seriously hampered in the years to come, the new McKenzie County pipeline would help get our oil into the hands of people that wanna pay us for it. Fair enough.  Earlier when I mentioned "less controversial area", sorry McKenzie County- I was talking about you.

The Bridger folks shared this rationale...

Bridger said its proposed pipeline segment “will be a vital part of an alternative route out of North Dakota in the event of a shutdown of the other pipelines leaving the Williston Basin.”

So in sports talk, they're covering the spread.

So, let's discuss a different "spread". A spread brought into the Little Missouri River basin when Belle Fourche Pipeline's Bicentennial leaked over 12,500 barrels of oil that made it into the Ash Coulee Creek, a tributary of the Little Muddy. Only one of the biggest crude oil spills involving waterways in the history of the patch. Belle Fourche's parent company? It's True Companies, also the parent company of Bridger.

The Bridger pipeline hearing is Monday March 22nd...follow the story and see how you can participate in the process by clicking here.

They say- to make an omelette, ya gotta break a few eggs.  So I'd be interested if McKenzie County is willing to let them raid the hen house.  I bet yes. Maybe for now, it's one of the better options left in the patch.

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