North Dakota Women's Network names Renae Moch (in blue) Public Health Director for Bismarck-Burleigh County Health- 2021 Woman of the Year. Obviously.

I'm 100% behind this...but a little confused.

There's still a couple of weeks of summer what if some other North Dakota woman has a strong fall surge yet in 2021? Saves some kittens from a burning building? Nope not enough, although I may just be a Capital City "homer" here- but Renae should be celebrating back to back victories here.

2020 was the year of the Moch.

From baseless internet hack harassment to an eventual victory trend versus the COVID curve.  Renae Moch was a rock.  Yet not anything more than a humble public servant perceiving in the most difficult of times. She'd tell you that I'm sure...since she might have mentioned it to me. But, there simply was an undue amount of misplaced internet hate. Go figure.

2021 has been the second year of the Moch.  So she should have won this title back to back.

I've talked to Renae in person a few times and we've talked on the radio plenty, so while we're Facebook friends we're not backyard patio friends. But I can tell you that this woman is exactly the North Dakota sister, mother, aunt, cousin, and (sorry Renae) grandmother(?) that we all know and respect. So back off.  She's still doing a heckuva job. Although, probably not old enough to be a grandma...

It's odd that this story was dumped on a Friday before a Labor Day weekend...

News disappears on a Friday, so I'm going to do my darndest to highlight the praise before it washes way over the weekend.  I'm going to celebrate Renae Moch "Woman of the Year" before commentators have an opportunity to eviscerate the North Dakota Women's Network and all the terrible things they believe the NDWN represents.

I am simply asking you to join me in celebrating the talented and dedicated public servant Renae Moch.


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