A lawmaker in North Dakota is pushing for 'Constitutional Carry' in the state which would allow citizens to own a gun without a permit.

As of now, 11 other states have 'Constitutional Carry.' According to WDAY, North Dakota residents who want to own a gun have to go through training and also apply for a Class 1 or Class 2 permit.

A Class 1 permit is apparently more work but by going through that process, individuals have the right to carry their gun in 39 other states as well.

There of course is also a fee to apply for the permit and go through the training.

By implementing 'Constitutional Carry,' residents in North Dakota would be able to purchase a gun without going through training or obtaining a permit (as long as they have not already been barred from purchasing a weapon).

If the law is passed, it would only apply to North Dakota. If you choose to take your gun out of the state, you would be required to follow the law of any other state which may require the gun to be licensed.

Representative Rick Becker will file the bill today. Becker is a House Republican in District 7 who lives in Bismarck.

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