Too Cute!

Did you know that some of the plows clearing our North Dakota streets have a little personality? They're named! I found this information while casually perusing the North Dakota Department of Transportation's Facebook page.

Discovering this has been the highlight of my day. So, clearly, I have a lot going on in my life. And I don't know why I find this so adorable... maybe I watched "The Brave Little Toaster" too many times growing up.


According to the North Dakota Department of Transportation's (NDDOT) website, they hosted the first-ever "Name-A-Plow" contest late last year. A person from each district in the state was selected and allowed to name a snowplow. You might have already heard about this, but for those who haven't, please enjoy this list of creatively named snowplows.

Here We Go:

1. Bismarck District - Darth Blader

-- Yes, we love a good Star Wars reference!

2. Devil's Lake District - Blizzard Wizard

-- Because who doesn't love a good rhyme? And may I also point out, that the letter "Z" does not get enough love.

3. Dickinson District - Plowasaurus Rex

-- This one isn't quite as catchy as the others, but I get it... we were going for strength and power and teeth, right?

4. Fargo District - Below Zero Hero

-- We are all damsels in distress, but fear not -- for the "Below Zero Hero" will come to save the day. ... Too much?

5. Grand Forks District - Storming Norman

-- Love it, but I would like to start a petition to drop the 'g." Stormin' Norman just feels right-er.

I hope you read last line in a Southern accent. If not, go back and do it again.

6. Minot District - Truck Norris

-- Ahh, 16 years and the Chuck Norris jokes are still going strong.

7. Valley City District - Orange Thunder

-- You could literally put "Thunder" behind any other word and BOOM, just like that, you have machismo.

8. Williston District - Plowzilla

-- You can't go wrong with a Godzilla reference, can you?

That's It!

I can't wait to hear what names everyone comes up with this year. Remember to stay safe out there, and only leave the house if you must. Also, if you happen to see one of these snowplows, feel free to admire it, but don't go off into a ditch, and NDDOT encourages people not to attempt to pass a snowplow.

Ta-ta for now!


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