How many times have you heard that old expression "Nothing in life is free"

I'm guessing a ton. I'm not even sure when and why that old saying came about, but I have found for the most part it's true. Although if you look around there are some things that ARE free, like stepping out your front door and going for a walk. Might not be glamorous to you, but it won't cost you a cent. Pretty much everything in life will come at a price unless you plan on moving close to the Canadian border.

If you are looking for awesome perks and incredible deals check this out

When was the last time you heard about FREE land being given away? This is a first for me. Looking for a life change? Check this out, there is a Minnesota city that is rolling out the red carpet for you ( they might even give you the carpet for free ). Middle River, Minnesota has a population of around 300. They are offering some pretty sweet incentives for you to relocate out there. According to "A Minnesota city near the Canadian border is hoping to woo new residents with free land and other perks. it is offering new residents a free 100-by-300-foot lot and a free building permit" Start making plans to build now, right?

They will also throw in...

...Some free utilities for up to 2 years. Don't worry about paying for cable for 3 months, and why not, a gift certificate to help you save some $ at their watering hole. Sound too good to be true? Might as well at least head out that way and see for yourself.

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