On Friday morning, the Mandan Police posted a strange video to their Facebook page with no explanation.

The video shows a man with a flashlight and what appears to be a knife in an enclosed space with a few vehicles around. The man suspiciously looks around before reaching down with the knife and slashing something.

One would think the police would offer what was happening here and what they would like from the public. But the video was posted with no comment.

A few individuals who saw the video asked in the comments what was happening but the police as of right now have yet to respond.

Earlier this week the Mandan Police department posted another video showing a man going around slashing tires and they requested the public's assistance in finding the culprit.

It is not known if the man in this video is also slashing a tire or if Mandan police believe this may be the same person.

Like we stated, the Mandan Police Department posted this video with no comment whatsoever. So we have no idea what we're looking at. We'll update this post if we find out more information about the video.

UPDATE: After originally posting this video with no context, the Mandan Police Department finally added this to the post:

The Mandan Police Department is looking for the public's assistance with identifying the individual in this video. This individual is believed to be associated with recent vandalisms in the Mandan Area. If you have any information on this individual or any of the recent vandalisms in the Mandan area, please contact the Mandan Police Department at 701 667-3250.

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