Time to put your money where your mouth is...wait, let me rephrase that- time to put your money where your "heart" is. Our hearts are heavy these days with the cancellation of so many of our favorite events. It's a powerless feeling. But this time WE have the power. The power to make Mandan Rodeo Days happen in 2020.

For 140 years the Mandan Rodeo has represented the best cowboys and cowgirls the nation has to offer. With all of us coming together, 2020 will not be the year that stops this tradition. The rodeo itself is not until July 2-4, but in order to get the commitment from all the parties involved; the Mandan Rodeo needs your commitment by 5PM Tuesday June 2nd. That's not much time at all.

Committee Chairman Jason Mittlestadt stopped by the studio to explain the situation to our listeners. If you missed the interview you can listen here.

One thousand tickets need to be pre-sold to each days event by this Tuesday. It's a pretty lofty goal but one I'm certain we can reach together. Jason discussed how 50% of their revenue comes from sponsorship dollars and the other 50% is generated from gate revenue. And with seating limited in meeting compliance standards- the Mandan Rodeo absolutely needs to show they have our full support in making this event happen.

This isn't a wait-and-see situation...if we wait, we will see another cancellation happen right before our eyes. For all the County Fair and State Fair cancellations, and in the face of missing our beloved 4th of July Parade- it's time to make Independence Day shine for one and all.

They need you now! Buy tickets here.

Please share this information with friends, family, and with all on your social media.  We only have until Tuesday June 2nd to sell three thousand tickets. Let's do it!

Plus there'll be FIREWORKS! We'll see you in the grandstands this 4th of July!

Gorgeous fireworks display

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