I'm not trying to be insensitive...

I was going to start this article that way.  But I'm going to be insensitive, so lets go.

High speed chases are INSANELY dangerous to innocent people driving their children home.

I don't know all of the details surrounding the Tuesday evening shooting of a Montana man on a North Dakota Highway...but the Associated Press Reports this-

A North Dakota Highway Patrol trooper shot and killed a man following a pursuit on Interstate 94 in the western part of the state, authorities said Wednesday.

The patrol said the shooting happened about 8:20 p.m. Tuesday about 13 miles west of Mandan. The trooper was assisting Morton County Sheriff’s Office deputies in a chase that originated from a report of a reckless driver.

The lone occupant of the vehicle, a 45-year-old Billings, Montana man, was killed in the shooting. A firearm was recovered from his vehicle, the patrol said.

I'm just going to assume that since two law enforcement agencies had become involved, this 45 year old man was probably trying to elude the first law enforcement folks he encountered.  So he knew he was in a chase.  Elude people on I-94? You're right there!  We all see you!

Just pull the damn car over.

Here's where I get insensitive toward those suffering from mental struggles. That's what ties the hands of law enforcement. It's always what drives me "mad" as well.  We all watch high speed chases online or on TV, just watched one the other night myself- but aren't you just mortified how long these chases get to go before they end with spike strips or the well-executed cop "spin out"?

I don't care if your mind ain't right...stay out of our lanes.

No time for it.  Everyone, but the driver, knows it has to end as soon as possible.  If it's at the peril of the deranged driver. Better their peril than threatening others.

But, what if the driver is suffering emotionally? Well, I'm truly sorry.  But if law enforcement gets the shot or the situation...they need to take advantage of it quickly.

Silly story...but let me share. I'm probably not telling most of it right.

As I recall- two off duty officers were traveling north on Highway 83 over two decades ago, they ran across a pair of brothers traveling down the highway the wrong way. They get them pulled over and a confrontation ensues.  One of the brothers brandishes a knife- an officer has a gun. The brother ends up cutting the officer's coat before being subdued and arrested. Or so that's the way I heard it.

One time, I shared that story, that I heard second hand, to an officer visiting the radio station.  He told me it was him in the story. I told him in the future it's OK with me if officers want to take that shot.

Fine by me.  Sorry the Montana guy died. We'll wait on details.

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