Sorry runners, but you can't hold back on your training regiment- the Bismarck Marathon is just 3 months away.

I just wrote a story about the return of the Medora Musical kicking off it's summer schedule on Friday June 19th. It surely feels nice to be able to share with y'all that not ALL of our favorite events have been cancelled. Before I go on, let me also add that the Mandan Rodeo saving the 4th of July was pretty darn cool too.

KFYR-TV reports The Bismarck Marathon will take place September 18-19.  It's spans two days, not because it would take me two days to run it, but because the event is packed with so much more than the big run!  There's the Motivation Mile, the BisBark dog walk/run, a 5K and a 10K, and a half and full marathon.

Obviously, as with any large event these day, there must be a plan in place to follow ND Smart Restart guidelines. It's my hope that many of the other secondary Bismarck Marathon activities can take place.

There was a lot planned for younger people to participate in and we'll just have to see how that all can be executed.

You'll find a wealth of info on the Bismarck Marathon website. Plus you can sign up online- which you may want to do now as COVID-19 guidelines have also put a cap on the number of participants in each activity.

The Bismarck Marathon will take place September 18-19...hopefully more good news keeps coming.


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