Have you ever participated in a murder mystery party? Typically, those types of events take place at a specific venue, but a unique type of murder mystery event is coming to town. This September, you and your friends can participate in a hunt for a killer, that spans the whole city of Bismarck!

There will be a murder most foul in Bismarck, and the community is being asked to find clues to solve the mystery!

CluedUpp Games is putting on a citywide murder mystery event in Bismarck this fall. "The Bismarck Ripper" will strike and the community is being tasked with finding the killer. Teams of two to six must work to solve the crime before time is up!

WHAT: CluedUpp's "The Bismarck Ripper"

WHEN: Saturday, September 25, 2021
9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

WHERE: The Whole City of Bismarck

CluedUpp Games is an award-winning gaming studio that puts on murder mystery events around the world!

Have you ever heard of CluedUpp Games? The company's website states that it is an award-winning British games studio, that turns "cities into playgrounds with our giant outdoor events." And all you need is a team, a fully charged smartphone, and a mystery-solving mindset.

As a true crime-obsessed individual, I have always thought it would be so cool to solve a crime. Of course, I would probably have a heart attack if I came across a real-life gory crime scene, so a murder mystery event is better for someone like me.

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