There are quite a few people out and about that break the law on a continuous basis. Not they are not stealing or doing it maliciously. Most are just minding their own business, driving home from work. How many times have we caught ourselves keeping "up with the flow of traffic" and next thing you know we are cruising along 5-7 miles over the speed limit.

Not long ago, the North Dakota Legislature was kicking around the idea of raising the speed limit on portions of both I-94 and I-29.  The proposal went something like this: Grand Forks Republican Rep. Jake Blum’s bill would raise the speed limits on I-94 and I-29 from 75 to 80 mph and on divided highways, like US 2, US 83 and US Hwy. 85 from 70-75 mph.  I said earlier that a good portion of drivers out on the highway are easily going over the posted speed limit, but that is obviously no excuse to give to a police officer if you are pulled over, that you were "going with the flow" So there was yet another attempt to have a speed limit bill pass. Just an easy 5 miles per hour faster -from 75-80, is that too drastic to accept?

The answer to my last question is YES, according to KFYRTV the State House said "No Dice" to lifting the interstate speed limit. The concern among law makers and law enforcement is the inevitable evolution of drivers doing an additional five miles per hour on top of the additional speeds. Not to sound like a buzz-kill, but that makes sense to me. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, nine other states have maximum speeds of more than 75 mph. The bill failed by 10 votes. So for all you lead-foots out there, wear lighter shoes.


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