Murder was the case that they gave them.

Citing a need for more space,  two high-profile trials are being moved from Burleigh and Morton County courthouses to the House chamber at the North Dakota Capitol.  This gives jurors more space for social separation and I'm sure plenty more room for film crews and the media.  The chamber also has a balcony where spectators can watch the trials and teenagers can make-out in the back row.

The Associate Press reports the two trials moving to the Capitol are the two you're probably expecting.

First up is the trial of Earl Howard and Nikki Sue Entzel relating to the death of Chad Entzel in January of 2019.  For Howard, the charge of murder has been recently dropped, but other serious charges remain. Murder charges are still in place for Nikki Sue Entzel.

The second trial is the long awaited trial of Chad Isaak.  After numerous extensions and delays, the courts seem to have the case now ready to begin in August. Chad Isaak is accused of killing four people in Morton County in April, 2019.

Since the Isaak case is scheduled for the first three weeks in August, I'd recommend they add a certain DUI case as a third trial at the Capitol.  For reasons we may never know, North Dakota Assistant Majority Leader Scott Louser's DUI case was just reassigned to another judge and is now scheduled for September 2nd.  The Capitol building seems an appropriate location for a man tasked in helping create our laws, to then face them in a Capitol court.

Since the other two trials will be horror films, Louser's day in court will be more like an Adam Sandler film- and not one of the actual funny ones.  This will be more like Little Nicky, except in this one, Sandler fails three field sobriety tests then at the jail registers a blood alcohol content level of 0.117% well over the 0.08 legal limit.

I understand it's loosely based on a true story!

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