Results are what count, awards just sit on shelves. But, ten years years down the road, the results may have faded- but that award is still sitting on your shelf!  So there is a certain sense of accomplishment when Tuttle can tell Pettibone to "Go kiss a duck!  We won the Main Street Excellence Award!"   Which Tuttle did. (granted it was a four way tie in 2018)

hand holding up a gold trophy cup as a winner in a competition

Take that Turtle Lake!

It's now time to start figuring out your community's best attributes and get your nomination for the 2020 ND Main Street Awards. Find all the info you need to get the process started right here. The Award Categories are as follows:

  • 21st Century Workforce Award

  • Arts and Culture Award

  • Innovations in Community Resiliency Award

  • Legendary Heritage Award

  • Main Street Excellence Award

  • Smart, Efficient Infrastructure Award

Not a problem right? Your town could run the table in 2020. You should print this document right now so you can get started with your city's strategy.  You think Milnor just fell into it's Main Street Excellence Award?  Or that Mandan's P.R. machine wasn't running on all cylinders to nab the Legendary Heritage Award?

Submissions should be short and easily understood. And the project, accomplishment, or whatever it is your're nominating your city for, should have taken place between 2017-2020. So, the Zip to Zap may not be your chance.

You take pride in your community. You love your neighbors. You know the hard work it took to get where y'all are today.  And most important of all- YOU HAVE ROOM ON YOUR SHELF!

Pingree, I'm talking to you.

Once again, here's the link to sign up

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