Bismarck/Mandan, I had quite an afternoon on Tuesday.

Figured I'd go out and early vote at the Event Center. Since I was in the neighborhood, might as well swing by the Capital to see the memorial/statement that was being made out on the southern grounds. I saw the report that Daniel Burbank had put in for KFYR TV, and wanted to come pay my respects. North Dakota State flags have been aligned closely on the Capital grounds, each representing two North Dakotans who have succumbed to COVID-19 in 2020.

As I was crouched down taking a few pictures, I realized someone was out on the grounds with me.  I used to think I was pretty wary y'all!  But, these are mind blocking times everyone. The masked man was only about 20 feet from me when I looked over and asked "Is this you?"  Gratefully, it was. Because, beyond all things, I want to hear the story and the motivation for acts like these. Bismarck's, Carl Young shared his story with me.

Now, I hope to have Carl come on my morning radio show to sit in for a bit and share his story with all of us.

It seems, in September, due to day to day difficulties, his mother had admitted herself into an "assisted living home" in Bottineau. If that's the proper term for the facility.  Here's what I understood- Carl's mother, a long-time smoker did have underlying conditions.  The family was alerted in October that their mother had contracted COVID-19.  Within 3 days, she did not recognize Carl by voice. Within a week, she was gone.

The reason Carl was there today? To add more ND flags of course.

My next stop was close-by in the neighborhood when something Halloween" hit me"! I quickly stopped to take pictures of a Halloween lawn display. A very nice woman and her kids were out walking their dog, so, I rolled down my window and talked to her briefly, they've been displaying these skeletons for years. Always adding to the collection for the annual display.  It's quite fantastic...but after my visit with Carl, I found this picture particularly chilling when I looked over my pictures at home.


Not trying to startle you, just sharing what I saw and experienced in a short time this afternoon.

I'll challenge you to come back with me to an article I wrote in July of this year- My father is in his 80's, with underlying conditions. When I wrote it, I had the feeling that society thought it was OK for him to die. If you want to read that- I invite you to push the Red Button. Tell me what you think of the scenario.

I'm hoping that you, and all those close around you stay well. 

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