It's a love letter to Lindsey Solberg Herbel. She's the sign language interpreter during Governor Doug Burgum's COVID-19 press conferences. While the Governor has been OUTSTANDING in his role as leader, communicator, and sports metaphor stretcher; it is Lindsey who adds a lightness to proceedings even when the information she's sharing is often grim to say the least. It's just that I don't understand signing AT ALL. It's the speed at which Lindsey translates that's astonishing. Governor Burgum highlighted her skills and importance in a recent press conference and I agree wholeheartedly.


Linseys's new fame isn't anything she was looking for- this Grand Forks Herald article explains that really well.  It's nice that I'm in radio, for the most part I can enter public places without being noticed.  I've had many friends in TV that wish they could buy bolagna and squeeze cheese without a disguise- but there you go the price of fame.

So since "the Fastest Signer in the West" doesn't want the spotlight- I want her to know that's it's out of love from afar....and a lot of respect that I'm putting her in the spotlight! Thanks YouTube and make sure to watch the COVID-19 Response Press Conferences.

The Many Looks Of Lindsey


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