If we're so darn happy, why are our social media "comment" sections overfilled with such nastiness?  Because your Grandma's probably doesn't know about those terrible things you write.  She would ask you to be nicer.

That said- let's find out why this Wallet Hub survey considers us to be so darn happy! .

According to the survey, North Dakota ranks as the 7th happiest state in the union based on 32 metrics.  Let's take a quick scan of our neighbors- Minnesota is pretty joyful at #3, South Dakota is relatively relaxed at #12, and Montana is pretty bummed out at #38.  When your dealing with 32 metrics, that's a lot of different categories that your state can either score high or low.  From the examples they show, North Dakota didn't appear to be at the top of too many of the "best of" lists; but at the same time, We don't make the top of the "worst of" lists either.

The fact that this year we are living in "unique times" obviously weighs into the results as well. With North Dakota ranking high in happiness due to the lack of COVID-19 restrictions.  By sheer coincidence, I'm sure we rank low in happiness due to our positive COVID testing rate.

North Dakota is number one in lowest long-term unemployment rate which can give you peace of mind.  That being said, we are number two in "most work hours" which can break your back.

So, North Dakota would you rank yourself at number 7 on the happiness chart?  After traveling across Montana, Wyoming, and then ESPECIALLY South Dakota- I'm pretty darn happy to be a North Dakotan. How about you?


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