So coming down from on high, comes the admittance that the 14 day automatic quarantine for those that have come in close contact with one that has tested positive for the novel corona virus is no more.  After one day of putting the plan into place.

KFYR reported the story Thursday night and I can only assume that, like this extended comment, the INTERNET IS GONNA LOSE IT'S MIND! According to Interim State Health Officer Paul Mariani (tough job)

While this order is being rescinded, we continue to stress the importance of quarantining and isolation to bend the curve back in the right direction in North Dakota.

If, I'm trying to back up the government in intrusive actions to Americans, I'm going to need to believe that the actions have been well-thought and well-executed, and ultimately well-intended for the sake of us all.

This sort of taking back of an order leads me to believe that there may be more flattening the curve of public opinion placed ahead of flattening the curve of corona infections. I am unimpressed.

You can't win favor in the court of public opinion so don't even try.  You don't think New York City wasn't resistant to every edict that came out? But I think for the most part, they stuck it out.  Which is difficult here in September as I see that electoral forces may be coming into play.

But that's just my feeling.

So, while we have Burleigh and Morton county numbers spiking, and our refusal to change the circumstances still continues, and as great as our will may be- kids at this pace, will never make it through the school year face to face.

Kids in school...It's a result we should all be working together to obtain.

One step up, two steps back.

Stay well.



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