So I couldn't resist saying a couple of things I'm sure ALL of us out here in North Dakota is well aware of

First, let me ask you just a few questions. Have you ever been to a demolition derby in person? Those cars average about 3,300 pounds each, and they are traveling at around 10-15 mph, right? So would you, or have you ever jumped out of the grandstands to get within 3-4 feet of the action? HECK NO, Then why O why would people out there at Yellowstone Park casually walk over with their fancy iPhone cameras and get within 3-4 feet of TWO Bison ( weighing around 2,000 pounds each AND who can run up to 35 miles per hour ) squaring off against each other?

So take a minute or two and fully appreciate the knowledge that we as North Dakotans have figured out a long time ago, and watch these naive spectators

People always say that you learn by your mistakes

Well, you wouldn't have another opportunity to do that after one of those huge animals bulldozes right over you or flips you in the air higher than one of the geysers out there. The dialogue from the folks who filmed this was classic "Hey you guys need to back stupid" Gee thanks.

North Dakotans know there are much smarter ways to get close to Bison

Heck, you can get as close as you want in the comfort of your own home ( TV ), AND even be out there with them ( if you are hanging out at the FARGODOME )...

North Dakota State Bison Football Facebook
North Dakota State Bison Football Facebook

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