Just in time for a family turkey table topic!  A discussion all the kids can get involved with...remember, its a discussion and not an argument.

Let's set up the platforms:

Adults: "Oh, hell no!"

Kids: "Then why do we get shots?"

You can go ahead and discuss now.

You being required to get the vaccine at your workplace is not a wild concept. In today's complicated times, it seems near inevitable in many circumstances. Does that seem ridiculous? Well, let's you and me consider this- Fargo and West Fargo teachers are now being rapid tested for COVID-19.  Associated Press reports...

Testing of K-12 teachers will start in the Fargo and West Fargo school districts and will be expanded to other districts in coming days and weeks. Teachers, staff and administrators who work closely with students are being encouraged to get tested weekly through Dec. 31. Students will not be tested as part of the effort.

As I mentioned in a previous article, we are teetering on a temporary teacher shortage. Temporary, as when school staff tests positive they need go home for a bit. Can we be so bold as to say those numbers aren't going to skyrocket through testing?  That would be pretty bold indeed. So, how to keep those classes in-person?  How to get school sports on track to continue?

How about requiring teachers to get vaccinated?  You'd think teachers would want it as soon as possible- y'know, being surrounded by asymptomatic snot nosed kids.

But could your workplace require YOU to get vaccinated?

For more "discussion", NPR has a whale of a story you can read clicking here.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Keep it civil y'all.


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