This is not a sounding board for "keep kids in school".  This, is an observation of just how tricky that is becoming.

News sources across the state are reporting on some school districts reporting immediate shortages or projecting plans to potentially offset staffing issues. Teachers are increasingly being listed as absent "for a variety of reasons".

Again, not fanning flames- I'm just suggesting you rethink your younger dreams about being an educator, and be prepared to step in and share that previous passion.  Your school district may need you.

Let's start with the good folks of Wilton, ND.  KFYR TV did a nice story on how Wilton is reaching out to anyone that had a dream of being a custodian.  Dreams become reality my friends.

School Superintendent Andrew Jordan said at one point approximately 25% of their staff was absent, which almost forced them to close a school.

“We’re looking for the help and that could be anywhere from help in the kitchen, to help with custodial work, to being an aid in a classroom. We’ll take any help that we can get and we can really put people wherever they really wanted to work

Seriously, if you can help out- please do. Wilton's a great town and they'll put it together. But, let's keep moving up the population chain.

KFYR TV's Sasha Strong also reported about Minot's Reintegration Plan.

Sasha Strong is a super nifty name.  You remember the TV show American Gladiator? That would make a great gladiator name. I apologize for the name-shaming of a professional journalist.  I'm immature that way.

Back to Minot.  This is a plan put in place and not today's reality, but it's good to know that school systems are preparing for the worst while striving for the best.  Read the story here. 

Let's head to the east coast. What say you Fargo? 

“We went from 50 staff members being out Monday and Tuesday at the elementary level to 128 absences on Thursday,” West Fargo Assistant Superintendent Rachael Agre says.

Don't even start with me.  We all know West Fargo is JUST MORE FARGO!  Why am I the only one to see that?

Okay so "West" Fargo, as reported by Valley News,

School leaders say they need a couple of things to keep the doors open. They need more subs and families to take precautions as most transmissions are coming from outside the school.

Enough about everyone else...KFYR TV, what say you about the Capital City?  Well Hallie Brown (perfectly pleasant name) reports-

In Bismarck, close to 130 teachers were absent Nov. 19 for a variety of reasons, and 11 of those spots went unfilled.

Nuts. Are they saying that it's not because teachers have COVID-19, but because the subs have it?

Around this time last year last year, BPS could fill teacher absences with subs 94% to 100% of the time, now that percentage has gone down to 72% to 80%.

BPS administrators said that lower percentage is due to subs staying home because medical conditions or they’re in quarantine.

The district is actively recruiting substitutes to solve the problem.

Let's talk more about your opportunity to step in and assist your community in a way that you once thought might be a potential path for your life.

Your school district may want to chat with you.

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