It's like your parents trying to make you eat your vegetables.  "You going to eat that broccoli or what?" Except back then, if you got mouthy, dad would just go get the belt! (in my house it was a yardstick).

Well now, imagine that Governor Doug Burgum is a hipster denim wearing version of your dad. He'd like to know "You gonna wear that mask or what?".  Get mouthy and Doug's gonna go get a public service media campaign that's gonna make you awful sorry you just didn't put the darn thing on the first place.

Scared yet?

Well, what if I told you that there's actually two "mask up" campaigns rolling out soon? The AP is reporting there will be heck to pay!

Besides the website, the offering includes other forms of advertising, digital billboards, a tool kit for businesses and others with posters and photos that can be customized. There also is a social media calendar, and communication and strategy support for groups such as the Burleigh-Morton task force.

Actually the tool kit sounds kinda fun. MABU is the agency that was tasked to come up with something quick.  Quick, but hopefully effective, as Burleigh/Morton COVID-19 numbers are bad and keep getting badder.

Like really badder.

Newsweek reports that in September, North Dakota has witnessed an 80% increase in confirmed COVID-19 cases.  Now, Doug Burgum wants to be a reasonable dad- but ain't nobody listening! So he's gonna have to get a $2 million "Mask Up North Dakota" promotional campaign to show you just who pays the bills around this place!

Well, actually we taxpayers by not Masking Up North Dakota, we're all kinda paying for this little spanking.

One side note- Two weeks ago I was in the rootin'-tootin' state of Wyoming.  Even in the old timey western town of Cody, everyone wears masks indoors.  Them cowpokes seem to be dealing with it just fine.

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