KISS is not actually going to be at Sturgis 2022.

But the band Hairball is surely going to kopykat plenty of KISS during their 3-night run at Sturgis. Hairball (pictured) is just one of a huge variety of music you'll hear roaring around South Dakota's Black Hills from August 5th through 14th.

The "Granddaddy of 'em all" is celebrating its 82nd year.

Attendance of the 2015 Sturgis Rally was figured to be close to 739,000 people. Many come for the meeting of the worldwide motorcycle community and many come simply for the music. August 5th through 14th well over half a million people are expected at least a portion of the rally.

Unfortunately, Snoop Dogg will not be one of them.

Snoop was scheduled to be a major headliner at Sturgis 2022 until he decided he wasn't coming.  It's no slight to Sturgis, Snoop canceled numerous touring dates including a big trek across Europe. The good news is that Ice-T and the Art of Rap lineup snuck into Snoop's slot.

Make sure you don't miss the scenic routes when you're in the Hills.

It's surprising how many people from the region haven't experienced the physical beauty of South Dakota's Black Hills.  Admittedly trying to take in all the awe-inspiring nature is probably a little tricky when surrounded by half a million folks.

So let's see who's going to be hitting the stage in 2022!

I've compiled a daily list of major entertainers performing during the rally but remember there's much more music bouncing around the Black Hills all throughout the event. So keep your eyes and ears open and enjoy what these artists are sharing.


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