Last summer I was looking forward to seeing Billy Idol, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer...that didn't work.

Now, put Kid Rock's name on a big sticky note...he's going to be playing the Sturgis Bike Rally Sunday August 8th, 2021!  The timing of the show is hopefully part of a celebration of returning back to the company of others. It'll be hot.  It'll be sweaty. It'll be Kid Rock!!

Bawitdaba da bang da bang diggy diggy diggy

Kid Rock has been across the spectrum from white rap icon to country rock hit maker.  Not since "Free Bird" will you hear a sing along in August like Kid's "All Summer Long" at Buffalo Chip in Sturgis.  You won't.

Also Kid Rock was awesome in "Joe Dirt".  David Spade, ya did good. Kid Rock did good with Pam Anderson as well.

VH1's Big In 2003 Awards - Show
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Kid, just remember when you come to South Dakota, she already has a boyfriend.

President Trump Hosts Roundtable Discussion On Governors' Initiative On Regulatory Innovation
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So will it be vaccines or herd immunity that gets us to these summer shows? Seems vaccines may be pretty pervasive quicker than we thought. Applause for the Governor's boyfriend for his Operation Warp Speed? Sure, why not?

I've never been to Sturgis during the rally.  I love The Hills but avoid the crowds. Except the crowd I'm expecting to find for Green Day. Fall Out Boy, and Weezer August 23rd at Target Field!  Are we all just taking August 2021 off to go see shows? I'm OK with that.

Stay hot and sweaty y'all.

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