Can you guess North Dakota's favorite Hot Sauce?

KX News reports that Instacart did a survey to discover each state's favorite hot sauces. As you may have guessed, Frank's Hot Sauce is super popular throughout the United States. Cholula is another popular one. But neither of those mega-popular sauces came in at number one in North Dakota. Do you think you know the most popular hot sauce in the state?

Red Chili Peppers

North Dakota is the only state that loves a locally-made hot sauce.

If you thought that North Dakota's favorite hot sauce is ketchup, you would be wrong. As it turns out, North Dakotans actually do like to add a little spice to their dishes. According to KX News, Instacart determined that Village Hot Sauce is North Dakota's favorite hot sauce.

What is Village Hot Sauce?

If you have ever lived in Eastern North Dakota, you probably know all about Village Hot Sauce. The thing is, though, Village Hot Sauce is not exactly what most would consider hot sauce. It is actually a salsa!

According to Village Hot Sauce's website, the salsa "is all natural, contains no preservatives, and is about as local as you will find." And it comes in mild and extra hot. And the website does promise that the extra hot sauce is not so hot that it is unbearable.

What is your favorite hot sauce you use to spice up your food?

While I do like Village Hot Sauce, I never actually considered it to be one, personally. If I want to add a kick to my food, I have to say that Franks is my choice! But I am probably biased because I am obsessed with Frank's Buffalo Wing Dip.

If you love Village Hot Sauce or are looking to try it for the first time, it can be found in Bismarck at Walmart and Target.

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