It's great that we live in a world that is more accepting of women being the top dog at any given company.

But in certain areas, women have made more strides than in others. The website FitSmallBusiness recently analyzed the best states for women entrepreneurs.

They crunched the data to see where women are rising to the top of the ranks more frequently and to see where women owned businesses are making the highest contribution to the local economy.

North Dakota was ranked No. 40. So clearly, out of 50 states, North Dakota has plenty of room for improvement.

They looked at various factors including the percentage of women owned businesses, the percent of women owned businesses that have paid employees (sometimes people will run a business on their own with no additional help), the percentage of revenue women owned businesses contribute to the state economy and more.

The best news of all though is that North Dakota ranked No. 1 in economic clout. According to FitSmallBusiness that metric is, "put together by Womenable and American Express OPEN, [and] is the overall ranking of the state when taking into account the number, revenue, and employment growth of female-owned businesses from 2007 to 2016."

So that means there is growth in women owned businesses in North Dakota. More so than any other state.

For what it's worth, the data found that 29.76 percent of businesses in North Dakota are owned by women which contribute to 3.46 percent of all business revenue generated in the state.

You can see the full breakdown over at FitSmallBusiness.

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