Our friends at WalletHub have done the research and when it comes to states being well-prepared for emergencies, North Dakota is a lot closer to the bottom of the list.

When looking at just how prepared some states are for emergencies, WalletHub researched factors such as money lost due to climate disasters (blizzards, flooding), quality of roads, and road safety to determine their rankings of the most and least prepared states in the case of emergencies. North Dakota is the 13th least prepared state for an emergency.

The biggest issue for North Dakota comes with climate disasters. The state ranks as one of the worst in the nation in this statistic. In the past decade, North Dakota lost nearly $30,000 per capita in climate disasters. The total damage from that results in $1 billion and possibly more.

North Dakota scored fairly well when it comes to road quality. The state would also have a good amount of manpower if there were a major fire (12 active firefighters per 1,000 residents, which is much more than most states).

Mississippi, Louisiana, and Iowa finished in the top three states that are least prepared for emergencies.


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