Google has all the answers. So what were the most sought after answers for residents of North Dakota in 2017?

The Daily Dot compiled a list of the biggest news stories in 2017 and then put together a list to showing which states Googled certain news stories more frequently than any other state.

The most popular search item in 2017 in North Dakota was for 'bump fire stock" where searches likely spiked following the shooting in Las Vegas. It was reported the shooter used a bump stock to allow his gun to act more like an automatic weapon.

Other popular searches in North Dakota included:

  • XBox One X
  • What is DACA? (Referring to the act passed during the Obama administration that would grant citizenship to individuals who crossed the border into the United States at a young age through no choice of their own)
  • Syzygy (Merriam Webster's No. 6 word of the year for 2017. This search likely spiked around the time of the solar eclipse in the summer.)
  • Glenne Headley (An actress who died in June)
  • Judge Joesph Wapner (a judge from The People's Court who died in 2017)
  • Slobodan Praljak (A war criminal who died by drinking poison during a hearing in court in November)
  • Equifax hack

You can check out the most Googled items of 2017 in every state over at The Daily Dot.

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