Google crushes and consumes everything...except the Great State Of North Dakota!

It's lawsuit time!

Round two everybody.  After getting taken to the woodshed last time we teamed up with Texas in a lawsuit, North Dakota's rough riders are back at it again. If you missed that story click here.

This time instead of taking of taking on four fellow States, we're going to take down today's version of "The Terminator's" Sky Net. Come on, you saw the movies.

Carl Court
Carl Court

Google is as invasive as anything in everything we do.  I gave up years ago trying to escape their clutches.  I would have so many tracking options turned off, that my phone was almost completely useless, since it never knew where it was .Stupid phone.

Now everyone knows where I am all the time.  I came to the conclusion that I don't care.

Justin Sullivan
Justin Sullivan

North Dakota still cares quite a bit.

But, it's not just about tracking your location, it's tracking your search history.  So does every other damn entity on the internet. I can't even get started watching You Tube music videos without perfectly curated video choices up for suggestion.  You want to hear that song don't you?  Yes, You Tube...I do.

But, like Facebook, companies absorb the competition.  Instagram and What's App are now Facebook friends.  Because they bought them up and stuck them in the fold.

Is this something new?  I'm going to throw out a company called General Electric. Monopolized the short-life light bulb and went to the bank, eventually making every darn thing there ever was.

But General Electric didn't have to mess with an irritable North Dakota!

Good luck Google...cuz, you're going down.

Read all about it by clicking here, here, and here.


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