Google helps alleviate much of our curiosity and it answers some of our burning questions.

Recently an AT&T owned website looked at each state's most asked Google question beginning with 'why do?'

As a result, we learn that many North Dakotans are asking 'why do dogs eat grass?' It's a valid question considering dogs are not known to eat grass and nobody has ever recommended that people feed their dog grass.

However, sometimes we see our friendly companions chewing at the grass anyway. We went ahead and Googled the question on your behalf to come up with the answer.

The good news is, according to, that most of the time if you see your dog eating grass it is not a sign of anything bad. It's fairly common and has been spotted in the wild and often times a dog will do it because he/she is bored.

So if you see your dog trying to eat grass and you want him or her to stop, try playing with the dog so your friend isn't bored.

In Montana and South Dakota residents also most frequently ask 'why do dogs eat grass.' Meanwhile in Minnesota, they're wondering why apples float. (It's because a lot of an apple's volume is air and an apple is less dense than water)

If you're wondering if you can feed your dog apples, the answer is yes... in moderation.

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