This artwork we're looking at is 100% created by Watford City student Leah Dokken who created the image as part of a Google contest. The winner of the competition will have the prestigious honor of being the "Google Doodle" for an entire day. Meaning her work would be featured for an entire day on Google's home search page. While "honor" is nice, there's also a ton of scholarship cash and prizes.

Leah's submission is in the Grade 4-5 category and she is representing North Dakota in the contest that involves 54 states and territories. The overall theme was "I show kindness by...".  And Leah knocks this out of the park!  Here's her caption-

"I show kindness by embracing the little moments that build our friendships and lives.”

Super proud parents Lauren and Brian have a ton more info, pictures, and voting links on Laura's Facebook page here.  Or you can go direct to the Google voting site, keeping in mind that Leah is in the grade 4-5 category.

Here's the part that truly melts my heart and at the same time makes me pretty melancholy. KX News reports that Leah spent two weeks on this fantastic piece and submitted it on March 13th.

Two days later, her school sent all students home due to COVID-19.

It was the last time pre-pandemic, that these best of friends could together embrace the little moments.  It is a powerful portrait that speaks to a time, hopefully not too far off, that we can indeed enjoy a beautiful North Dakota sunset sitting side by side.

Again you must get your vote in by this Friday.  It'll just take a minute- click here to start.


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