Looking for one of the country's most ridiculous state foods? According to the fine folks over at Thrillist, you can find it right here in North Dakota.

Thrillist recently put out a list entitled 'Most Ridiculous Official State Foods' and North Dakota's official state fruit, the chokecherry, topped the list.

The website described the chokecherry as something that sounds like 'something out of Fifty Shades of Grey.' They then described the fruit's benefits, including the fact that it is packed with antioxidants and that it tastes great loaded up with sugar and spread on toast.

The chokecherry was named the official state fruit of North Dakota when Governor John Hoeven signed a bill in 2007. The reason it became the official state fruit, according to Wikipedia, is because chokecherry remains were found in archaeological sites across the state.

Other ridiculous state foods, according to Thrillist include kuchen (South Dakota), yogurt (New York), and Jell-O (Utah).

You can see Thrillist's complete list of the most ridiculous official state foods HERE.

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