North Dakota is spotted with many quaint small towns and all offer a little spice of North Dakota. All different and all unique. But where would be the best small town to visit in the state is someone asked you?

John Moore / Getty Images
John Moore / Getty Images

Thrillist came out with such a list and now we know.

If you think about what small towns have to offer, they each have something very different and unique. Many come to mind. Harvey is a slice of small town USA. There is not much there, but, Main Street in a small collection of mom and pop stores. It seems I always come back to Medora, which is step back into a small western town.  Garrison, ND known as the walleye capital of the state is adorable and features the annual Dickens Festival during the holiday and features a year round walking downtown with unique merchants.

Thrillist said the best small town to visit is Grand Forks. I must admit, I do love Grand Forks. The downtown area is spiced with great bars and restaurants and the town did a great job after coming back from an historic flood and fire. Grand Forks does offer a lot for visitors, plus on the Minnesota side of the town, there is not a blue law, which means you can shop on Sunday!

You can see the entire list here.

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