If there is one thing North Dakota is not known for is local brewed beer. We’re proud to carry the torch on many other items which we know, love and enjoy in our state. But locally brewed beer is not one, according to Thrillist.


Thrillist ranked every state by the quality of locally brewed beer. To do accomplish this task, Thrillist studied a few items.

Of course, taste would be high on the list. Other items on the criteria was quantity, in other words, the amount of local breweries in the state. That would serve as another mark against ND, as we do not have as many local brewers as the larger states in the country. Even though, Thrillist stated, they did not take the size of the state into consideration.

With that said, North Dakota ranked # 48, ahead of Mississippi and West Virginia. The researchers pointed out Fargo Brewing and their Wood Chipper brand as the state’s best.

Here are the complete rankings for all 50 states.

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