We've all heard the phrase, urban legend has it that...', and just in time for the spookiest month of the year. Thrillist has released the creepiest legend from each of the 50 states.

Sean Gallup / Getty Images
Sean Gallup / Getty Images

These lists always seem to come out just in time for Halloween so it makes sense. Some of these could be true, and some are just fiction as they are passed down from generation to generation, and we seem to keep these folklore legends alive because they just happen to touch the spirit of fear in all of us.

One of the more recent urban legends is the flash-light on your i-phone is spying on you. Which is not the case but, what started the rumor is the maker of the popular flashlight app on Google Play was caught stealing peoples location and selling it to advertisers. The maker was not tracking your data info, just your geo-location and was busted by the FTC and had to settle the issue and pay a fine. But it was this, which made people think their smart-phone was tracking and stealing off your information, which is so far from the truth. But you get the idea of how these stories get started and never seem to end.

The urban legend for North Dakota according to Thrillist is dealing with the towns that were left abandoned from the departure of the railroads in many communities. Tagus, North Dakota, 40 miles west of Minot on Highway 2 was a bustling town in its heyday, at it's peak had over 150 people. Rumor has it, there was a satanic ghost and ghoulish activity in the town. I'm sure people around Targus has heard all about them. There are people still today that believe a Lutheran Church used to be the place for Satan worshipping. Apparently, the house of worship burnt to the ground. Urban legend has it, if you stand in the right place, you can hear the screams from the devil raising to Earth.

In the 1980's, kids would show up and  throw a party in Halloween night until the Mountrail Sheriff received several complaints from the very few residents and put and end to the yearly shenanigans.

You can see the urban legends for all 50 states here.

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