20130213-205008.jpgPhoto By LA Closet Design

If you had a closet like this, why would you ever come out?

An increasing number of wealthy homeowners are giving their closets high-end upgrades, dropping as much as $100,000 or more on features like glass display cases, refrigerators, bars, flat-screen TVs, chandeliers and more. The lighting in one California family’s twin 1,300-square-foot his-and-hers closets is controlled via iPad.

Another family in Mississippi spent more than two million bucks on a three-story closet complete with an escalator. These closets are way more than lowly storage spaces- they’re more like luxury lounges or deluxe man caves (yes, they’re popular among guys, too). Experts say super-sized, tricked-out closets are meant to function as social spaces where people can hang out and even entertain.

All I had in my closet was a bean bag and a blanket. Spent a lot of time in there with a good book, hiding from the world.... I kind of miss that closet. :)

For more photos of some amazing closets check out this article in the Wall Street Journal

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